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Founded in 2015, Raptor Editing & Press is an innovative publishing house, book design studio, and editorial consultation service based in Brooklyn, New York, that approaches all work through the intersecting lenses of equity, sustainability, and fair labor practices.

We seek to develop a working model of fair wage freelance work. Whether through collaborations, events, craft talks, workshops, or through our own chapbook publishing initiatives, we hand-make art and books because that’s what we love to do. We support writers and artists of color because art is what keeps us alive. To this end, we rely on your donations to make sure Raptor can continue working towards creating an environment for thriving, sustainable art practices in our community and beyond.

While $25 is our suggested donation, there are sliding scale options in the drop down menu on our Donate page. Should you have the means to give today, here is where your money will go:

20% towards press expenses
30% towards the QTBIPOC Fund to provide book-making services to authors who can’t afford our standard rate
50% towards paying our staff

Thank you so much for considering a donation to Raptor! We adore you!